How much do companies know about me? How safe is my data? How can I improve my online privacy?

By interacting online, a lot of data of your data is being collected by companies. But every internet user has different online behavior and uses varying websites. This means that people have left a very different trail of data across the web. We often hear statistics like, how much data is being collected or the total amount of data generated a minute. But we felt that people are missing a contextual and personalized understanding of their online situation.

That’s why we’ve…

Data is worth a lot of money, most people know that now. However few really understand how money is made from data, the data market. That is because the majority of market participants operate behind the scenes.

In previous research, we calculated how much Big Tech is earning from user data. In this article, we’ll explore the players operating in the shadows, the ones actually collecting and selling your data.

You have probably never heard of Acxiom, CoreLogic, and Epsilon. There is a reason for that. They like to keep quiet. These are some of the largest companies that earn…

Apple confirmed that IOS 14’s privacy changes will be rolled out next week and it’s already being dubbed an “atomic bomb” for the likes of Facebook and Google.

We’ve compounded the PR reactions from around the world as the insane amount of content generated in the last week is slightly overwhelming. Here are our key takeaways and favourite bits:


Forbes provides an excellent dive into Apple’s new privacy stance. Our favourite part, a quick concise explanation of ATT;

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) could effectively spell the end of the so-called identifier for advertisers (IDFA), a method used by apps to track you on your iPhone across apps and services. This is because in iOS 14.5, ATT introduces the requirement for apps to ask you if they want to…

The rise of data-driven business models and their unprecedented growth has strongly increased the awareness around the value of data. Most people know they are the product in any free online service. Most people today are aware that their data is worth a lot of money.

But why is our data worth so much?

“It’s all about grabbing user attention and predicting behaviour.”

If an online service provider gets access to the magical mix of user attention and user data, they reap the benefits of advertising revenue. Accessing these two dimensions is so important that the majority of their services are offered for free. With user attention, they…

Privacy policies, every company has one, but how many are actually read? In the EU 18% of visitors fully read privacy policies in full. This problem has been consistent across industries. Although privacy concerns are on the rise and awareness of data collection practices is increasing, many are still reluctant to really read privacy policies.

We at Rita, are always thinking about our users’ privacy. We find it essential for users to know what they are getting into when interacting with a company. …

The fast rise of Big Tech is caused by multiple factors, such as network effects, the economy moving online and the unprecedented adoption of technology we’re encountering in this global pandemic. However, we believe that the most important factor in their capacity to collect and capitalise on data. To do that Big Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, have been expanding their products and services into all aspects of the user’s lives. All in the name of accumulating more data.

It’s all about data

The data-driven business models behind Big Tech make them see data as a form of capital, which…

2020 has finally ended. Let’s take a step back and wonder what 2021 will be made of. Instead of listing data privacy regulations or big tech lawsuits, here are 3 issues that every user should be aware of.


First, two reminders:

  • Whenever you see a banner “we are using third-party cookies” pop and click on the “accept all” button, your consumer behaviour is being tracked across websites to generate a virtual user profile. All in all, third-party cookies are the reason why you are under the impression that Google is listening to your thoughts
  • Together Google and Apple web browsers…

Name 3 platforms or apps that you can’t live without ? You can’t go through a day on your phone or on the internet without them. To make it simple, they are the “gatekeepers” targeted by the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Calls for regulating big tech have been heard by the European Commission.

Made public this tuesday, the DMA represents a real milestone for digital platforms regulation. However, is not a magic wand that will solve all the problems occuring because of digital platforms: harmful content, data privacy, cybersecurity… It leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For example, will Google…

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