How much do companies know about me? How safe is my data? How can I improve my online privacy?

By interacting online, a lot of data of your data is being collected by companies. But every internet user has different online behavior and uses varying websites. This means that people…

Apple confirmed that IOS 14’s privacy changes will be rolled out next week and it’s already being dubbed an “atomic bomb” for the likes of Facebook and Google.

We’ve compounded the PR reactions from around the world as the insane amount of content generated in the last week is slightly overwhelming. Here are our key takeaways and favourite bits:


Forbes provides an excellent dive into Apple’s new privacy stance. Our favourite part, a quick concise explanation of ATT;

The rise of data-driven business models and their unprecedented growth has strongly increased the awareness around the value of data. Most people know they are the product in any free online service. Most people today are aware that their data is worth a lot of money.

But why is our data worth so much?

“It’s all about grabbing…

The fast rise of Big Tech is caused by multiple factors, such as network effects, the economy moving online and the unprecedented adoption of technology we’re encountering in this global pandemic. However, we believe that the most important factor in their capacity to collect and capitalise on data. To do…

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