An Apple a day keeps Big Tech at bay.

Apple confirmed that IOS 14’s privacy changes will be rolled out next week and it’s already being dubbed an “atomic bomb” for the likes of Facebook and Google.

We’ve compounded the PR reactions from around the world as the insane amount of content generated in the last week is slightly overwhelming. Here are our key takeaways and favourite bits:


Forbes provides an excellent dive into Apple’s new privacy stance. Our favourite part, a quick concise explanation of ATT;

Tech aside, how does this actually work?

Glad you asked, Apple provided this mock-up on their site. It’s about as obvious as you get. Reuters predict between 40–60% of users will be opting out.


Whilst IOS 14.5 will reveal the incredible amount of data many apps harvest from their users, your inner sceptic may be asking why. Well, the FT does a great job of explaining.

What about Facebook?

Facebook has spent much of the last year growing louder in it’s criticism of Apple. Their take: Apple is hurting app developers, start-up’s and Facebook’s revenue.

Rita’s take:

We love anything that will increase transparency in the data space and increase awareness. Is it a push to make Big Tech more accountable or an aggressive move to gain market share surrounded by excellent PR? We don’t know. For now, it seems to be a net positive event that’ll get everyone thinking about how their data is being used.